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Empower Your Students....and Yourself!

Dear ADEC friends, 

Mathilda Element here. I have been a democratic school teacher (and student, and parent) for the last 18 years, at both Pine Community School and Humanitas High School in Queensland, and I am so excited to share my online course with you all. This course "Empower Your Students....and Yourself!" is all about how you can get the most joy out of your work as a teacher, whilst also empowering the young people in your spaces through sharing power. I have distilled decades of learning through working in democratic school spaces, and aim to make these principles and practices accessible and easily understood by both those working in our sector (democratic, community and progressive schools) and working in mainstream or other systems. 

This 10 week course is fun to do as a staff group, or with friends - weekly video content and short, practical tasks will guide you along the way. In the course, you will:: 

Identify ways to empower student voice in the classroom, including communication, connection, mindset and curriculum strategies

Develop a mindset of shared power that helps increase joy in the classroom and improves behaviour and academic outcomes

Avoid traps and time-wasting activities in sharing power with young people

Feel empowered, joyful, productive and invigorated in the classroom

Head to Udemy, where the total course cost is $39 (or less!) and check it out. 

Thanks for your support, and I hope the content sparks wonderfully rich conversations for yourself and your staff as teacher practitioners. 

Joy and love, 


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