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June 2023 News

Dear Friends of ADEC,

We’ve got a few exciting announcements this newsletter, including the launch of the updated ADEC website, recognition by ACARA of ADEC as a representative body in the Australian education sector, and another two youth surveys which give our young people the opportunity to be active members of the wider democratic community.

ADEC’s New Website is LIVE!!

Out of a idea that gained momentum at last year’s ADEC conference and many hours of work by ADEC member, Taylah Griffin of Kerry Street Community School in Perth, our website has been rebuilt and refreshed! It is now an invaluable tool that reflects an energised vision for ADEC and will help promote the work of the schools, teachers, and learners in our community. Thanks so much for all your hard work, Taylah!

ADEC now a Representative Body option for Schools on MySchool Website

In response to a suggestion from ADEC member Debbie Schiel Zaini 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 we recently requested ACARA to include ADEC as an option in the menu of Governing or Representative bodies for schools on the MySchool website. We have been included in the latest software update and it’s really easy to amend your school’s listing if you would like to take up this option.

Step 1. Log in via the Principal’s portal of the MySchool website (image below is linked to the page you need)

Step 2. Scroll down to the Governing or representative body heading, click ‘edit’, find ADEC from the menu.

Step 3. Click the ‘submit for publication’ button. Done! ✔️

First Speaker Confirmed at the 2023 ADEC Conference

Village High School are excited to announce that we have received confirmation from our first guest speaker for the 2023 ADEC Conference. Lael Stone - author, podcaster, counsellor, collaborater, mum, and co-founder of Woodline Primary - has a unique combination or working with children and young people in a relationships focussed way and the recent experience in starting a small school. She is a fabulous human, and has wisdom and life experiences that are inspiring and affirming. We look forward to Lael joining us on the Sunday morning of the conference.

Further details about the conference will be shared as they come to hand. Date: Saturday 30 September / Sunday 1 October Location: Village High School, Ryanston (Sth Gippsland) Victoria

Three Surveys for Youth

There are currently three active surveys that are seeking input from young people to either contribute to government policy and action on matters that relate to them, or to help build a picture of issues that are important to young people in 2023.

Surveys can be a great way to start discussion and encourage consideration of the topics that are important to young people. Sharing opinions in this way can help governments and the community build a picture that more accurately reflects the sentiments of young people and develop appropriate priorities in response.

The Dept. of Ed survey will form part of the review being undertaken to inform the development and negotiation of the next National School Reform Agreement with individual Australian States and Territories. Priority areas include student mental health and wellbeing, teacher attraction and retention, and funding allocations. There is also a teacher and parent survey that can be completed, too.

Remember to seek parental consent before having students complete one or more of the surveys. Appropriate wording for this is available on each of the survey websites.

Member School Profiles - We’re building a collection of these…

So that we can get to know the schools in our community, Mathilda Element is collecting member school profiles. In each profile, we would like the following information:

School Location

Year Levels

Number of Students in 2023

When and how was your school established?

Who is completing this profile and what is their connection to the school?

Tell us about your school in just ONE sentence

Describe some of the ways that your school incorporates student agency into their learning environment.

What is your favourite physical place to be in your school? Why is it special?

Share a treasured memory of being a part of your school community.

We’d also love a photo that encapsulates your school.

Please send completed profiles to

Wowsa! What a bumper newsletter! So much happening for ADEC and the awesome members of our community.

Got an idea or suggestion for the ADEC Committee? Keep ‘em coming! It’s your input that makes this network so vibrant and inspiring.

Warm regards,

Fiona McKenzie President

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